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"One year ago, I went to see Dr. Waldo with several physical problems that no other doctor could help me with. In this year, my physical problem have cleared up. I have a lot more energy and my joint pain has greatly decreased.


I'm grateful to Dr. Waldo for giving me my life back!"


"I've been a patient of Dr. Waldo's for years. Not only do I think he is a brilliant doctor, but I also greatly admire him as a person. He always takes the time I need to answer any questions I have, treats me equally, and encourages me to try new treatments when I am losing hope. I have a number of different health challenges, so having a doctor like him and such an AMAZING support staff has truly been a Godsend to me."


"I have face some chronic health challenges that exceeded the training for various doctors we have visited. A missed diagnosis of Lyme Disease for over 10 years left me unable to work due to many neurological symptoms. I found myself nearly bedridden and unable to interact with anymore, even my family. 

Dr. Waldo and his very kind staff have work with me to treat the root cause of my problems. I'm approaching my third year on Dr. Waldo's treatment plan and I'm not longer a prisoner inside of my bedroom and I have been able to interact regularly with family. 

I have lost count of the number of doctors that I have seen over the last 40 years.  


My initial experience of ‘not feeling well’ began in the late 1970s, while living in a basement. We now believe I became exposed to mold at that time.  I had fatigue, various body aches and pains, and headaches.  My symptoms reached a point in the late 1990s where I needed to be in a wheelchair if I was away from home.  Along the way there were several surgeries, a diagnosis of lupus, and a mini-stroke in my left eye that reduced my vision.  I tried so many “amazing new” products, treatments, diets, etc. with varying degrees of improvement, but no real lasting success.


Then in 2014, because of my extreme fatigue and severely impaired thought processing, I had to retire early.


By the time I arrived at Dr. Spahr’s office, my foggy thinking made it difficult to communicate without stammering (um, um, um) as I attempted to search my mind for words that would not come. I had stopped speaking all but basic words while in public.  My speaking slowed, as even those basic words took energy and thought.  I used to speak so fast that my husband could not catch everything I said!  My body had also continued to slow, to the point where a trip to a small grocery store with my husband wore me out.  Precious time with my granddaughters was limited due to my physical and mental fatigue.


I’m so grateful to have finally found a doctor who would not only listen to me, but believe what I said…and understand.  He customized a treatment plan for me, based on my symptoms and specific body chemistry, using knowledge from his continuous research into groundbreaking treatment protocols.


I can now carry on a conversation (searching for words is less frequent).


My energy and stamina have increased to the point where I now have energy to spend time with my granddaughters, enjoy a day trip, and even join a church women’s group. 


Dr. Spahr’s prescribed protocol greatly improved my quality of life…I feel like a switch that was turned off in my body has been turned back ON!”


-Sally D.